Saturday, May 7, 2011

Birchbox May 2011: Stila

May 2011 Birch Box.

This month's Birchbox took me by surprise!  Fortunately for me (and you!) I was at home when the mail lady dropped off my coveted pink box!  The Birchbox for May 2011!

The Birchbox for May 2011.
By far my favorite Birchbox, it was the perfect mix of cosmetics, perfume, and body, skin and hair care.  The biggest surprise?  A full size Stila Eyeshadow in Black Cat (alone, worth $18!).  All this for just $10?  This month, Birchbox is unbeatable!
May 2011 Birchbox!
Stila Eye Shadow in Black Cat.
Archipelago Pomegranate Soap.
Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir.
Erno Laszlo Transphuse Night Serum.
Beautiful Color Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner
Tiny Prints Card.
Stila - Black Cat Eye Shadow
Bulgari - Mon Jasmin Noir
Erno Laszlo - Transphuse Night Serum
Archipelago - Pomegranate Soap
Treat - Tiny Prints Card
Extra - Oribe Beautiful Color Shampoo and Conditioner

If you like Birchbox, sign up for the monthly $10 subscription.  You can cancel it at any time, and you earn points to put towards the purchase of full size products that you enjoyed from your sample selection.

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Jessica C. said...

I just got my first Birchbox today!! I got a Stila eyeshadow as well, but I do wish I got your color instead of my shimmery white (Moonlight)! ha Great video and blogpost, yours was the first one up I'm pretty sure!!

Check out mine if you'd like! :)

wing stock said...

may i ask what put in your beauty profile for birchbox? I just wanted to know because i got a totally different birchbox for may and was thinking it has a lot to do with the options i put down on my beauty profile

sooz said...

loved this month's box! that perfume smells amazing..might have to buy the full size.

Anonymous said...

Yes, if you could post your beauty profile here that'd be amazing. I saw that you mentioned it on your youtube account as well and I would love to know what you have on your profile!

Anonymous said...

Wow my birchbox was just awful. I got an Ahava hand cream (I also got a different Ahava hand cream a few months back so I wasn't too thrilled with getting the same type of sample again), the soap you got, the perfume sample, and the stilla eyeshadow in coco which is a boring brown that I'll probably never really use. I wish I got black or white or any other color. I didn't get any shampoo and conditioner samples. I wish I got more stuff.

Dana said...

I'm so bummed! I didn't get the eye shadow or the shampoo/conditioner...although I love love love the fragrance I was really looking forward to trying the shampoo/conditioner...P.S. This was my 1st Birchbox

Anonymous said...

I didn't get the shampoo or conditioner either. I actually only got the eyeshadow, the Pomegranate soap and a hand cream. So not nearly as much as everyone else got. I was really looking forward to the shampoo and conditioner as well.

Anonymous said...

Please do put your beauty profile answers! I want to sign up but I'd like to know how to maximize my samples first. :)

The Sassi Wench said...

Hello Ladies!

Thank you for all of your kind comments! I don't think it's necessarily a good idea to copy my profile because I filled everything out according to my skin type, hair color, etc., and everyone is different.

I did select the beauty style "Classic", though.

- Sassi