Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MAC - A Cham-Pale Haul

Like hoards of women, I completely fell in love with MAC's Cham-Pale Collection. But when I went to check out the goodies, I found that it is all so shimmery, it's probably not a good idea to wear too many of them together!  Some ladies do love frosted lips, nails, and frosty highlights, but I'm a little more low-key.  

I loved the Caviar Dreams Eye Shadow Palette, but I had just purchased brulé for my new MAC Pro Palette about a week before info about Champ Pale was released.  So I decided to skip that and get Retrospeck for my MAC Pro Palette instead. I saved a little money there, because I got the two colors from Caviar Dreams that I really wanted for $22 (or, $11 each), as opposed to $36 for the whole palette.
MAC Cham-Pale Haul.
I skipped Caviar Dreams and purchased Retrospeck instead.
When news of Cham-Pale hit the web, I headed out to my closest CCO and guess what I found?  The MAC lipstick in Quiet Please!  It was being repromoted for Cham-Pale, but happily for me, I didn't pay full price for it and I had it weeks before the re-release.  So I saved a little $$ here, too!
MAC Quiet Please (Lustre). 
I was mesmerized by the pearly, pinky metallic I Get No Kick Eye Kohl!  It'll be a welcome change to my usual black/brown/white look. 
MAC I Get No Kick Eye Kohl

 I Get No Kick Eye Kohl is a pearly metallic.
 I was equally enthralled with the Paint Pots in Chilled on Ice (shimmery pink) and Vintage Selection (shimmery peachy pink). I find this kind of makeup the easiest to apply.  Even when I'm in a rush, just dabbing these colors on and buffing them a little, adding a little eyeliner and a decent coat of mascara, can give you a very sophisticated but elegant look.
MAC - Chilled on Ice, Vintage Selection
 So all in all, I got the items I wanted the most out of Cham-Pale, and I'm very pleased with myself!
My Cham-Pale Haul - for just a little less...

I also fell hopelessly in love with the two Special Reserve Highlight Powders in Rose Ole and Chez Lame, but they are $28 each and I know I won't use them that much.  I'll wait a few months until they hit the CCO's.

- The Sassi Wench