Sunday, February 17, 2013

❧❦ 2012 Favorites - Makeup, Nails, Skin, Hair and more! ❦❧

My favorite products for 2012!
I realize I am very overdue for this blog post, and I thought I had better finish it before too much more of the year goes by!

It was incredibly difficult to narrow my favorites down to what you see here.  There are many, many more things I really enjoyed in 2012, but in the end I had to go with what I used the most.

I got the Marc Jacobs rose gold pouch ($59.99) from the Nieman Marcus/Target collaboration.  It ended up going on sale at both stores for 50% off.  So handy to take to a movie, dinner, or to use as a makeup bag.  
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse
I was first introduced to Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (extraordinary oil) in a 2012 Birchbox.  It sat in a drawer for a few months before I finally decided to pick it up and take it to work.  I wanted to use it on my cuticles, nails and forearms.  I wash my hands so much at work that I need to keep hand cream there at all times, and I thought that it would be a perfect opportunity to test the oil and alternate it with the hand cream.  

It's a dry oil, so after the initial application it is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving it fragrantly hydrated.  Soon I was using it on my legs, knees, elbows and forearms. It can be used as a hair oil, too.  I have since used it pretty much all over and it is simply sublime. It's truly the sexiest smelling oil out there.   

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse - $46
Sunday Riley Blush Brush, Shu Uemura 27 Brush, Bobbi Brown Eye Sweep Brush, Stila 21 Brush
I have a rather extensive makeup brush collection, and so I made my selection based on the best foundation brush, face brush, eye brush and blush brush that I use for a full face of makeup:

Stila 21 Brush:

This is supposed to be a blush/contouring brush, but I have always used it to apply liquid foundation.  I know that there are many reviews out there about this brush shedding, but mine shed about 3 hairs - I swear, until the morning AFTER I filmed this video - then it shed 3 more!  But anyway,  I think that this brush applies smooth, streak-free foundation better than any foundation brush that I own.  Application is quick and I can pretty much brush the foundation over my face perfectly in a minute.  But I have to caution anyone who wants to purchase this brush for foundation - it was not designed for this purpose.  It was designed for powder products only, so although I got a really good brush (that I have had for years now) someone else may not have the same experience if they use it for liquid products.
Stila #21 Double Duty Cheek Contour and Blush Brush $45

Shu Uemura 27 Brush:

A true classic, this super soft, natural hair brush is wonderful for lightly applying powders, and highlighters.  It is not a dense brush, and so I personally don't use it for bronzer although it can be used for that purpose.
Shu Uemura Natural Brush 27 $65

Sunday Riley Blush Brush:

The density and size of this brush is what I really like.  The brush is not scratchy, but not super-soft either.  Instead, the density makes for a firmer and less soft brush.  This is good for placing the perfect amount of color on my cheeks (for the size of my face) and buffing it in.
Sunday Riley Blush Brush $42

Bobbi Brown Eye Sweep Brush:

For efficient, fuss-free results, no other brush in my collection works faster when I apply a light sweep of color to my lids, or as a brow bone highlight.  Swipe, swipe, swipe and it's done.  
Bobbi Brown Eye Sweep Brush $32
Dior Marilyn, Chanel Diwali, Sephora by OPI It's My Pink (Besty Johnson)
I'm particularly fond of shimmery nail colors, and Diwali topped them all in 2012!  Named after the Indian Festival of Lights, the golden shimmer in this polish is simply stunning.  
Chanel le Vernis $27

There is nothing like a classic red nail polish, and Marilyn by Dior is no exception.  It's a kind of fire-engine red that signals dramatic glamor.  

Diorific Vernis Nail Lacquer $26

In terms of pink, the very berry It's My Pink from Betsey Johnson - Sephora by OPI.  Scented with her signature fragrance Too Too, it is a creamy formula that makes your fingertips look like ripe summer berries.
Bing Bang Skulls - Skull Earrings, Skull Cuff, and pearls
For me, 2012 was all about rose gold, skulls and pearls!  I found these adorable Bing Bang Skull earrings and a Bing Bang skull cuff on Shop Bop.  The fake pink pearls, I've had for years - always a classic.
Asos Sausage Dog Ring Holder with my favorite rings and earring studs
This sausage dog ring holder was so cute that I just had to get it.  Available from Asos, it holds a selection of stud earrings and delicate rings perfectly.  It's small enough to fit on my vanity without being overbearing.
Asos Sausage Dog Ring Holder
Starlooks Pink Petal Rose Lip Gloss and Burberry Cameo Lipstick
I generally only wear lip gloss on weekends or evenings out.  But that changed when Starlooks sent me Pink Petal Rose.  Worn alone or paired with Burberry's Cameo Lipstick, it's creates the perfect shade of glossy pink lips, every time.
Starlooks Lip Gloss Pink Petal Rose $11

I love Burberry's Cameo lipstick.  Although it doesn't have much staying power, I can overlook it because of the particular shade of pink.
Burberry Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick $30
 Le Métier Corinthian Eye Shadow
I've always adored MAC's Satin Taupe, but in terms of the texture, application and actual color, Le Métier de Beauté's Corinthian eye shadow beats Satin Taupe hands down.  Unfortunately for me, I dropped Corinthian and it has shattered into a million pieces so I can't really carry it around in my makeup bag anymore, but I can still use it in the morning as it has fantastic staying power.
Le Métier de Beauté Corinthian Eye Shadow $30
Orofluido Hair Elixir
Another item from Birchbox (now you can see why I keep my subscription) is the Orofluido hair oil.  Although they recommend that you apply it liberally, I use only a moderate amount of product and run it through my hair before (and sometimes after) blow drying.  It seems to nourish my hair (even when it gets a bit dry after coloring, sometimes), and it tame fly-aways well. It makes my hair smell sexy and feel soft to the touch.  So long as this product is being produced, I will use it.
Orofluido Hair Elixir $29.99
NARS Makeup Removing Water 
For a gentle, alchol free and oil free makeup removing experience, I loved NARS Makeup Removing Water.  I find that it removes even the stickiest eyelash glue with a minimum of fuss.  The only downside is that you have to use a lot of this product to really saturate a cotton pad, and it gets used up quickly.  Considering that this is already an expensive product, it can be very expensive to use regularly in the long term.
NARS Makeup Removing Water $28
Chanel Joues Contraste blush #68 Rose Écrin
I don't think I have ever loved a blush as much as this one.  It's pink but it lays so well on the skin that it doesn't look like you have excess amounts of pinkish product on your cheeks.  Instead, you can buff it to pretty, flushed perfection!
Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush 68 Rose Ecrin $43
Byredo Bal d'Afrique
One of my favorite perfumes of all time - Bal d'Afrique by Byredo.  It's a spicy, sexy and faintly exotic unisex scent that dazzles the senses.  It reminds me of my childhood in South Africa.
Byredo Bal D'Afrique $145
Armani Code for Women
James purchased this for me when we were on a Caribbean cruise, and so it will always remind me of that cruise and all the fun we had on it.  I took my time sampling all of the fragrances they had in the onboard cosmetics boutique, but this fragrance stood out for me above all the others.  It's a floral, but so delicate and lovely and not at all overpowering.  I've had several people ask me what I was wearing when I had this on, because it's so lovely.
Armani Code Pour Femme $65
The Beehive Honey Blossom Perfume

This is the only perfume I have ever purchased online without first having sampled it - and lucky for me it's perfect!  A warm, deep amber, patchouli and honeyed fragrance gives comforting warmth to the skin, even in the depths of winter.
The Beehive Eau de Parfum, Honey Blossom $35

Until next time,
The Sassi Wench