Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Coach Purse Collection

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My Coach Purse Collection!
I do love a good purse/handbag collection, and my favorite everyday work bags are undoubtedly by Coach!  I have accumulated a decent selection of various styles, fabrics and colors.  (What you see above is a combination of my collection and my Mom's collection).

Honestly, until I had laid them out like this I didn't even realize how much I (and my Mom!) was attracted to a specific range of colors; black, white, cream, gray, and brown!  I usually change out my purses each week, and sometimes I'll use  up to 3 a week.  On Fridays, my Louis Vuitton's and Balenciaga's come out to play, but Coach is so durable and well crafted that they hold up really well for every-day use.

My Coach Handbag Collection:
L - R - Coach Parker,  Coach Leah, Coach Sabrina purse.
My Coach Purse Collection:
(back leather left) Coach Dome Satchel, (cream/white/gold right) Penelope.
My Coach leather purse collection:
Leather Coach purses and on the right, a Coach Zoe.
My Coach Bag Collection:
Coach Chainlink Maggie.
My Coach Purse Collection:
The grey purse is the Coach Garnet, bottom right, Coach Amanda.
My Vintage Coach Purse:
Coach Optic Bee Purse.
My one regret is the Coach Optic Bee shoes.  Coach shoes tend to be just a little too snug over the top of my foot, and so they are not very comfortable.
My Coach Purse Collection:
3 Coach Sabrina Purses
If you are unsure what the fuss about Coach is all about, just consider that they have customer service unlike any other company I have ever encountered. Someone I know had some leather Coach bags from the 1980's that had been used to the point that they were falling apart.  In 1997, she sent them to Coach for repair.  Coach couldn't repair them, so they gave her one 40% off full retail price coupon [in letter form] for each bag.

She finally decided to use her coupons, and she bought her new Coach purses in... ta da! 2009!!! The coupon letters never expired!  So her original investment in the 1980's got her nearly two decades of use out of the bags, plus she now has new and update Coach purses to use for another 20 years!  

Coach stands by their products, and their craftsmanship is great.  When looking to purchase Coach, always scrutinize the stitching on the bags.  You will never find any lose threads, and rarely will you find a bag that isn't stitched perfectly!  

If you want to try out the designer purse market, Coach is known as a kind of "entry" designer into the wonderful world of purses!

To see what all the fuss is about, check out the latest Coach collections here: Coach 

- The Sassi Wench.