Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eyeshadow Haul - Chanel, MAC, Clinique

I haven't bought Chanel makeup in years.  I went through a Chanel phase, starting when I was living in London 10 years ago, but then I kind of lost interest in it.  

I'm not exactly sure why, but I think I bought a lip gloss or some kind of lip palette, and it smelled so strongly of roses (not my favorite scent) that I couldn't bare to use it.  

In fact, the last Chanel I purchased was a creamy eye-shadow palette where the colors looked like little pearls.  The base of the palette broke after about a week (how? I don't know!), and it squashed all the eyeshadow pearls.  I wasn't that impressed with the product anyway, and so it was au revoir Chanel!

Recently, I went to a Chanel beauty event at my local department store, Lord and Taylor, and I watched in amazement as the resident makeup artiste transformed a rather dowdy (by her own admission) grandmother into an attractive woman!  He used Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow, and I was intrigued!  It took me a while, but finally I gave in and took the plunge, and I purchased the Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Dunes.
Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow Dunes.
I couldn't help experiencing a tingle of excitement upon seeing the protective pouch!

The Chanel protective pouch.
I love looking at brand new, untouched makeup!
I have dark brown eyes, so even though I can wear a many different eye-shadow colors, classic neutral shades simply look the best on me.
Chanel 47 Dunes Quad.
I also decided to invest in Chanel's Base Lumiére, because the artiste used this during his demonstration, with stunning results. I caved in and purchased this, but I didn't realize how small the container would be!  For some reason I thought it was double this size.  But a little goes a long way.  I have dry skin, but thanks to the Base Lumiére, it actually makes my skin look dewey again.

So, mission accomplished - I'm using Chanel products again.
Chanel Base Lumiére 
I bought this MAC eyeshadow in Henna, and on reflection, I have decided to give it to my sister.  She has Heterochromia, otherwise known as someone who has two different (completely different, in her case) color eyes!  She has a kind of gray/brown eye, and a deep green eye.  It's completely hereditary (she's not the only one in the family), and on her it looks really striking.  Often people don't even notice it, and yet others can't figure out what is different about her.  

Heterochromia - The Scarlett Wench, sister of The Sassi Wench!
Anyway, she has to stick to more neutral colors, and a deep, rich golden olive green like Henna is just perfect for her!
MAC Henna.
MAC's olive golden green Henna up close.
And finally, I just couldn't resist this - Clinique Fresh Bloom Eye Shadow in 01 Maple Blossom.  It's a silvery taupe color duo that is simply stunning!
Clinique Maple Blossom Eye Shadow.

The Sassi Wench