Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Custom Makeup Brush Holders and Ring Holders

I have included my favorite Etsy pottery and jewelry Artist Kristina Chadwick's ring holders in my YouTube giveaways, but I think she outdid herself this holiday season with all of her new pretty custom creations!
Makeup Brush Holder with pink beads
I ordered this custom makeup brush holder from her in the color purple, to match my bedroom decor. You can see it on my makeup vanity in my Makeup Vanity Tour video.  

Makeup brush holder sets with a matching ring holder
I searched for a cute and practical makeup brush holder for a long time, but I was never able to find a decent one that wasn't mass produced in China, or made from plastic like my Paul and Joe Brush Holder or some kind of composite wood material (like the now discontinued black Sephora brand brush holders, which I also have).

Then Kristina Chadwick started to create makeup brush holders in different styles, sizes and colors, and pairing them up with matching ring holders.   

Ring Holder
My favorite ring holder has a mirrored finish. Individually or paired with a matching makeup brush holder, they make a perfect addition to any makeup vanity table, or as a gift.
Custom Ring Holders 
For more information on designer Kristina Chadwick and ordering her custom ring holders and other handmade jewelry and ceramics.  She also does bulk orders, and makes custom pottery.   Click here:

Kristina is offering a coupon code of 10% off! Use code "Sassi"

Kristina's Handmade Ceramics and Jewelry

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