Saturday, December 24, 2011

NARS Mousson Cream Eyeshadow Review

NARS Mousson Cream Eyeshadow
About two months ago I was looking for a pretty green eyeshadow, and I discovered this one by reading some beauty blogs.  Encouraged by favorable reviews, I ordered Mousson online and eagerly awaited its arrival.
NARS Mousson Cream Eyeshadow
I find that some NARS eyeshadows tend to be a disappointing failure.  For example, NARS Night Rider looks stunning in the pan, but I found it to be frustrating to apply - you absolutely have to use a primer, and chunks of silver shimmer flake off.  And it never looks quite as good as it does in the pan.

I didn't anticipate having that kind of problem with Mousson though, because it is a cream eyeshadow.
NARS Mousson Cream Eyeshadow
When it arrived, I was thrilled - it was even prettier than it looked online!  It is a simply stunning sage green/silver eyeshadow.  

I wore this color every day for almost a week, trying every kind of application I could think of - layering it over eyeshadow, under eyeshadow, on naked skin, with primer, without primer - and the results were always the same.  This eyeshadow faded on me within 2 - 4 hours.  And it would crease - badly.

I have dry eyelids and I honestly haven't had an eyeshadow fade on me like this since I used (and returned) some of the colors in the awful Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Palette (2010).  

Eventually, all that was left on my eyelids of Mousson was a sheen of silver shimmer with virtually no color.  

But maybe I should have paid more attention to what is written on the NARS website:

"Can be worn alone or paired with a NARS powder eyeshadow for longer-lasting wear and added dimension."

For "Longer-lasting" wear you have to use a powder eyeshadow? What exactly is that supposed to mean?  Clearly even NARS is aware that this eyeshadow doesn't have staying power.

NARS Mousson Cream Eyeshadow
As stunning as this eyeshadow looks, it just didn't work for me.  This eyeshadow is a resounding fail, and I would never repurchase it.  Nor would I purchase any other NARS Cream Eyeshadow, based on my experience with this one.
NARS Mousson Cream Eyeshadow - sage, silver green
NARS Mousson Cream Eyeshadow sparkles in the sun
The NARS Mousson Cream Eyeshadow was originally part of the 2009 Holiday Collection.  

NARS Mousson Cream Eyeshadow is available at NARS online for $23.

- The Sassi Wench