Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's in My Purse/Purse Organization

What's in my purse? Coach Chainlink Maggie.
This is my Coach Chainlink Maggie, with Coach Lurex Mini-Skinny, Makeup Bag and Wristlet, my Coach Wallet, Chainlink Mini-Skinny, and Louis Vuitton Amarante Makeup Bag.

I like to keep things organized in my Coach Purse.
I love this hairbrush! It's from the Body Shop, and I don't care how big it is, I have to have it with me at all times!

I always have at least 2 makeup bags with me.
I always carry a little emergency kit with me with bandages (plaster), headache pills, alcohol wipes, etc.  I usually have one makeup bag with everyday makeup, and the larger Coach Lurex bag has tools inside - like nail clippers, nail buffers, nail files, etc.

In case you didn't believe it, it actually does all fit in this Coach handbag!
You can really fit a lot of items inside this Coach bag!

If you have ever watched any of my purse videos on YoutTube (you can check out my YouTube Channel here: The Sassi Wench), you'll know that I love to have a very organized handbag!  Admittedly, I am only human and it's not always as immaculately organized as it is here, but considering the fact that I generally change my bag weekly, or several times a week, I am generally clear out loose change and receipts, lipstick tubes or the like, frequently.  

If I get too busy at work or with any of my other projects, I might even use the same bag for almost (shudder) two weeks (!!) and then I can assure you it isn't as neat as this.  

Also, in addition to a standard size bag, I do carry a tote bag with me almost every work day, to store large and heavier items, like my makeup bags, books, magazines, water bottles, and lunch.  This way when I leave the office at lunch time I don't have to carry all of those heavy items with me.  I just take my keys, wallet, mini-skinny (or 2 or 3), iPhone and some touch-up makeup.

I know that I am a complete hoarder, but for some reason I feel as if I don't carry all my essentials around I'll need them suddenly for some kind of emergency, then that would be a complete disaster! Lol!

Watch my What's in My Purse video to see what's inside all of these accessories.

- The Sassi Wench