Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Like Birchbox, Curious about Beauty Fix?

If you are curious about other beauty sample programs like Birchbox or TestTube, you can check out Beauty Fix.

Beauty Fix claims to provide you with "the hottest beauty products" recommended by a "panel of experts" for "only $49.95" with "free shipping all the time!"


The Beauty Fix Box.
Just like Birchbox and TestTube, you can order this online, but unlike those programs you can select your own samples.
Inside the Beauty Fix Box.
I was not impressed to receive something that I didn't order - the silver tube of collagen cream pictured below.  I had ordered a moisturizer, and I assume they were out of it and therefore they substituted the moisturizer for this cream.
Choose your own Beauty Fix samples.
Beauty Fix arrives at your door in a box, and with your first Beauty Fix box you get (you have no other option to accept this) a makeup bag.  It's okay.  Nothing spectacular.  Honestly, I would rather have picked out another face cream or makeup item. I'm not a fan of these kinds of cheap makeup bag (made in China) freebies.
Inside the Beauty Fix makeup bag.
The Beauty Fix website claims that you will receive up to $400 worth of items per season.  This appears to be no more than around $30 worth of product to me.

$400 worth of Beauty Fix?
There are benefits to being a member - you can refer friends and get one box for free per year, share you opinions and get a $25 gift card to DermStore.com, get discounts, etc.

However, the product selection was rather underwhelming, and there was no excitement factor on receiving my Beauty Fix box, which is completely the opposite of how I felt when I received my BirchBox and TestTube boxes.

The only item I was really thrilled about here was the SpaRitual nail polish, which I would have just bought for around $8.

Just remember, that for $38.90 you can get 15 samples, plus a great magazine, plus a $20 gift card every three months if you sign up for TestTube.  I don't know how Beauty Fix can justify the nearly $50 price for the box I received.

Check out their website here Beauty Fix and you can decide if Beauty Fix is right for you.  

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