Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: Zara Terez Nolita Grande Purse

My review on the Zara Terez Nolita Grande grey suede shoulder purse vs. Coach Sabrina.

I found this to be a really good quality suede bag, but there was some uneven stitching which I haven't found on bags of comparable price.  Watch my video for more details.

Zara Terez Nolita Grande.
I did find loose threads on the Zara Terez Nolita Grande.
The handle is adjustable on the Zara Terez Nolita Grande.
The design, color, and especially the pleats make the bag look sophisticated.
All in all this is a beautiful and roomy bag, albeit the stitching issues on two places and the loose threads which can catch on rings or items being placed inside, or being removed from the bag.

Beautiful bag
Nice color
Quality suede
Perfect day-to-night bag
No dustbag
Loose threads
Uneven stitching

The strap is adjustable, but it is prone to slip somewhat when the bag is full and the weight of the bag starts to pull the strap downward.  After a few hours of wear you would need to adjust the strap, and this becomes very annoying.

- The Sassi Wench

What's my Purse? Balenciaga

My dream purse - a look at my new Balenciaga Part Time in the color Sahara.
The Balenciaga Part Time in Sahara
Side view of the Part Time.
The particular Balenciaga is quite a long bag.
I chose the original brass hardware for this Part Time Balenciaga.
The embossed leather tag inside the bag.
It has a front, zip pocket.
My calico cat Persia peeking in the mirror!
This is my first Balenciaga purse, and it is absolutely stunning!

It's quite a long bag and so it can hold magazines and books well.  Not to mention, makeup, hair spray cans or anything else you care to throw in it!

It's undeniably an exceptionally beautiful bag.

- The Sassi Wench