Friday, October 28, 2011

October 2011 Eco Emi Box

October 2011 Eco Emi Box
Eco Emi October 2011 - Simply Organic Mulling Spice
Eco Emi October 2011 - Gin-Gins Boost Ginger Candies 
Eco Emi October 2011 - Big Dipper Wax Works Sweet Orange Candle
Eco Emi October 2011 - Herbaria Almond Spice Natural Soap
Eco Emi October 2011 - Neuma Hair Set
Eco Emi October 2011 - Zhena's Gypsy Tea Peach Blossom
Eco Emi October 2011- Rise Blueberry Coconut Energy Bar
Eco Emi October 2011 - Organic Vegan Lip Balm by Crazy Rumors in Peppermint Lemongrass
Eco Emi Ocober 2011 Gift Bag
The October 2011 Eco-Emi box was okay, but nothing particularly interesting.  The thing that really annoyed me was that there is yet ANOTHER lip balm in here!  Lip balms are nice and all, but I'm drowning in them - they are in Eco Emi every single month and it's getting to be a bit too much!  I have been giving them away and now I'll have to use this one as a stocking stuffer for someone, because I simply don't need any more lip balm!  No one can use a lip balm up in 1 month, even if you use it each and every day.

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