Friday, December 7, 2012

❧❦ The Starlooks Starbox! ❦❧

The November Starlooks Starbox

The pre-order for the December box is over for $15. They have begun to ship them already and now they are $25 for the $99 value palette. 

The Starlooks Starbox

I'm absolutely bowled over by Starlooks.  It's a purely cosmetic box - no little foils of teeny face creams, food stuffs and other nick-knacks.  Just makeup that is good quality that you can take straight out of the box and wear with confidence!

Starlooks Eyeshadow Palette

I absolutely loved the neutral theme of the November box.  The perfect mix of shimmer and matte, in my favorite hues.

(L) Starlooks Nude lipstick swatch, (R) Starlooks eyeshadow swatches
Starlooks Nude Lipstick

The Starlooks Nude lipstick reminded me of MAC's Creme d'Nude, but it is a lot more sheer.

The Starlooks mascara applicator gadget and a crystal.

Order the Starlooks Starbox here:
$15 a month.

Order the $99 value December Starlooks Starbox by calling (949) 679-0697, or subscribe online at Starlooks for $25.

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This box was sent to me for a review.  I was not paid to do this video. I love the products and all the opinions expressed are my own.

- The Sassi Wench

Monday, December 3, 2012

❧❦ Nightstand Styling ❦❧

My apologies for being MIA.  Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy blew our way.  We had several thousand dollars in property damage, a power outage that lasted a week and we couldn't even go to work.  My mom and I got sick from sleeping in a freezing cold and dark house, and then I had a reaction to some new medication I was on.  To top it all, two of my cats are dying - I've had them for 16 and 17 years respectively, and one has a stomach tumor, one has renal failure.  So a pretty miserable time.  Fortunately, though, we still have our house and we are okay, and we are thankful for that although many are still suffering.  I'm not complaining because at least our lives have returned to normal, but I'm sad for the devastation, destruction and heartache that hurricane brought to so many.
What's on my Nightstand?
Back to life, and the hurricane certainly made me realize that I needed to be more prepared and organized, so I am systematically going through each drawer and closet, and every nook and cranny to reorganize.

I started in my bedroom, by sprucing up the decor a little - a new lamp and a beaded placemat as a nightstand cover.  The drawer was already pretty organized, but some new scented drawer liner paper that I purchased from Ross for $3.99 brightened up the drawer - with the peony scent an added bonus!  
I love my new lamp!  $49.99 from Home Goods

Flowers, a jewelry bowl, miniature fragrances and a candle!

I love flowers so that's a must, but I decided to brighten up the mood and get a little festive.   For the month of December I've removed the flowers and added a white feather Christmas tree (available at Target) and changed the candle to a cutout candle holder with a pattern that resembles little snowflakes.

An organized nightstand drawer.
Pottery Barn Jewelry Tray with Miniature Perfumes
I always keep a jewelry bowl and some kind of fragrance - in this case a Quinn Beaded Jewelry Stand from the Pottery Barn, filled with some of my mini fragrances.  

White Feather Christmas Tree from Target
On the bottom shelf, I stack books with topics that interest me, like Jean Harlow, Chanel, Africa, etc.

Bird Jewelry Bowl - Etsy
Feather Christmas Tree - Target
Candle - Diptyque Patchouli 
Drawer Liner - Ross
Pewter Jewelry Tray - Quinn Beaded Jewelry Dish from The Pottery Barn
Lamp - Home Goods
Beaded place mat - Ebay
Kate Spade rose bowl
CableDrop - Crate and Barrel

- The Sassi Wench