Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Hakuhodo Makeup Brushes (Fude) from Japan

For years I have had a love/hate relationship with makeup brushes.  I usually apply makeup with my fingertips or a sponge applicator.

This does have it's limitations, however.  It's difficult to get precise lines with your fingertips!  After doing some research I decided to take the plunge and invest in some makeup brushes again.  And it was during this time that I realized what I have been doing wrong all these years... I have always been using the wrong - i.e. cheap makeup brushes (usually the ones that they give you a free gift with a makeup purchase).

As it turns out, not all brushes are equal.  I started buying some MAC travel size brush sets, and as I used them I figured out what style of brushes I really liked to use the most. Recently, I even bought a Cover FX #160 foundation brush (, and I could immediately see what everyone is raving about, with regards to using  quality makeup brushes versus inferior brushes, or sponge applicators.  

Then I decided to search for the best makeup brushes around, and that's how I found the Japanese brand, Hakuhodo who sell Fude (makeup) brushes.  I ordered 5 brushes - gave one away as a gift, and I kept these four:

Instructions on how to care for the brushes are included in the box

The brushes come packaged in a pink box with orange tissue paper

2 lip brushes - Small Lip Brush (top), Kokutan Lip Brush (bottom) 

An angled face powder S100 Finishing Brush, and S142 Round Eye Shadow Blending Brush


The brushes are all cruelty-free, hand-made in Japan with real animal hair.  The brushes themselves are stunning examples of quality and experienced craftsmanship.  For the S100 series, the handles are made of wood, coated in vermilion, which is a traditional Japanese color.  The ferrules on these brushes are brass with 24 karat gold.

Do some research before purchasing any makeup brushes.  For example, Goat hair brushes are good for oily skin, and the Blue Squirrel hair brushes are better for those with dry or sensitive skin.

I have no doubt that they are the softest, most luxurious brushes out there, and worth every penny. The hairs are virgin hairs - meaning the tips of the hairs have not been cut.  Any inferior hairs are removed by hand during a special combing process.  The result is simply stunning.

I'll use these for a month and post an update.

Check out their site:

- The Sassi Wench