Saturday, March 26, 2011

Black and White Theme Birthday Party

Last weekend we attended a black and white themed birthday party.  I had seen this on TV, but I had never attended one before.  The effect was beautiful, although someone did say it looked like a funeral, Lol!  

But in fact everyone looked very elegant, and later on in the evening when someone donned a pink sweatshirt, the shock of pink in a sea of black was quite startling.

In my video, linked above, I filmed the birthday cake and the food, which was a finger buffet with assorted dips and Crudités. 
A black and white theme birthday party!
The white of the cake was fondant.  If someone suffers from allergies, paper flowers are a great alternative to real flowers.
Black and White birthday cake.
A black "ribbon" topped the cake.
Dark chocolate cupcakes, and lemon vanilla cupcakes.
Black and White candles.
American's love balloons at parties.
Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate.
And to end the evening... a  little Ménage à Trois.