Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review: Coach Gallery Leather East West Tote and Accessories

Coach Gallery East West Leather Tote in Pewter.
I haven't bought a Coach purse in about 10 months, but when I saw this new Gallery East West tote, I was instantly smitten and I decided to buy it!  

The Coach Gallery Tote designs are a Coach staple, and they alter the basic structured design by changing out hardware, handles and fabrics on each new edition.

This particular version appears to be inspired, in part by Gucci's Sukey Tote bag.  That is evident by the two pleats under the handles.  The Gallery Tote is a structured bag, and it can rest upright without falling over.

Coach has high quality hardware.
The metallic suede is absolutely stunning on this purse.
I personally love metallic finishes, so all of the sparkle instantly attracted me.  

The purse itself is roomy enough to easily carry around an iPad, magazines, large water bottles, makeup and a long wallet with ease.
Coach East West Tote Interior is lilac.
The great thing about this particular tote are the number of pockets.  Two small and one large pocket on the outside, a regular pocket, a cell phone pocket, and a zippered pocket all on the inside!  You can be highly organized and find everything you put in there with ease.
It's always exciting to see brand new Coach accessories still packaged!
All of these accessories are from the Coach outlet.
Coach Passport Cover and Business Card Holder in Shell.
The interior of the Coach Passport cover is lilac fabric.
I bought the passport cover out of sheer necessity.  I travel quite a lot, and my passport is starting to look a little weathered.  This is the perfect passport cover for me!  I wanted it in a lighter color, so that I can easily locate it in my purse when I disembark and have to go through customs.  I always wanted a leather passport cover, because leather will last far longer than fabric.
The Coach Business Card holder is in metallic pebbled leather.
I already have too many loyalty cards, and the number is growing.  I also carry business cards around with me, and that is why I chose to purchase a card case.  

It will serve another purpose as well - this case will hold cash, my ID and debit cards with ease - and fit easily into a small purse, clutch or swingpack/crossbody bag.

The Coach Business Card holder is very functional.
This is an elegant and well made card holder.
The key chain is for my Mom.  I chose this particular one because we both love the ocean, and because of something funny that happened on the beach when I was a little girl - it's one of my Mom's most mortifying moments, and a funny, sweet memory for both of us.  So this is a gift for her for Mother's Day.
Coach Pave Ocean Beach Charm Key Chain Legacy.
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