Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 2011 Birchbox: Salvatore Ferragamo

There was buzz about the September Birchbox all over the Internet just before my BB was delivered... and it wasn't good.  Several people have told me that they have already canceled their subscriptions, or they are planning to because they are not happy with Birchbox anymore. 

September 2011 Birchbox

Unfortunately, this month features a rather lackluster selection, and a most bizarre thank-you "gift" - some string with a Birchbox square that is supposed to be a "friendship bracelet"?!!  It's really so strange and looks like something a 6 year old would wear.  

I don't know what the people at BB were thinking.  Birchbox considers this a "treat".  It especially peeved me when they boasted about selling "hundreds of thousands" of Birchboxes.  It's like they are saying "Thanks for helping us sell hundreds of thousands of Birchboxes and making us super-rich - here - have some string!"

Someone told me that the string was supposed to be a marketing tool - and that the metal thing on it was actually their logo - but it was so badly done that barely anyone recognized it.  

She also said that BB would have done better to give us a makeup bag or lipstick case that had the logo, which would have been much more effective.  If I see a friend with something especially appealing like a nice makeup bag I would immediately ask my friend where she got it.  If she said she got it from Birchbox, I would check it out online.  But I am much more sophisticated and far beyond this kind of thing and I wouldn't be caught dead wearing string like this (which reminds me more of a celebrity cult kind of thing where everyone wears a dirty piece of string until it falls off - cringe!).  And I know that not one of my friends would ask me where to get one.  
The infamous Birchbox "friendship" bracelet.
Jouer Lip Conditioner
Blinc Mascara
Lash Card
Salvatore Ferragamo L'Eau Florale Perume
I was excited to receive the Incoco nail strips...
Except that they looked like nail art for Halloween...
Yet another Ahava hand cream...
Birchbox Beauty Personality Card
The September Birchbox is certainly not my favorite.
Unfortunately, Birchbox has begun to get repetitive and they are including repeat brands that they have given us before - like Ahava and Pangea Organics.

Included in the September 2011 Birchbox:

Ahava - Mineral Hand Cream
Blinc - Mascara
Incoco - Nail Polish Applique 
Jouer - Lip Enhancer
Salvatore Ferragamo - Attimo L'Eau Florale fragrance
Extra - Lash Card
Treat - Friendship Bracelet (groan!)

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