Friday, November 26, 2010



I got a nasty surprise this morning when I checked my bank account. I had a charge for $6.99 from Big Fish Games.

I was completely perplexed - neither my husband nor I had purchased anything from this company recently. In June I did purchase a hidden object game from them.

As it turns out, if you don't choose to "opt out" of their "Game Club" you will be automatically charged each month for all eternity! This is absolutely absurd, even though I believed that all I did was purchase one game and I thought that I did read everything on the screen.

I was horrified and they have already filched almost $40 out of my bank account!

I decided to look this up online, and it's no surprise that there are hundreds and hundreds of complaints about this company, with the Better Business Bureau alone having 117 various recorded complaints about them to date! Surely all of us who have had this nasty experience with this company can't all be that stupid that we would allow money to be taken out of our account on a whim for some dumb game club we didn't even know existed.

And get this, when you log onto your account with them to cancel everything, one of the drop down box reasons to cancel is "I didn't know I signed up for the Game Club" which obviously shows that the company is completely aware of what is going on and yet they continue this practice. This company uses sneaky tactics to make money off of honest customers who would normally willingly pay for games.

When you have a transaction with a company, trust is involved. You trust that they will provide you with the product they sell you, that it works as you expect it would, and you trust them with your billing information and the fact that they will charge your bank account only for what you authorized. This trust has been shattered, and it's obvious this company is only interested in making a quick buck, rather than forging long term honest relationships with their customers.

This is the Complaints Board link and all of the stories are the same as mine:

My recommendation is that you should avoid this company at all costs.

UPDATE 12/09/10: After disputing these transactions with the company, they refunded me the last two months worth of charges.