Sunday, March 27, 2011

Introducing my new YouTube Channel - FromSassiWhoLivedIt

I have been working on a new YouTube channel for the past few weeks.

I originally wanted to have one channel only, and mix it up a little - travel, food, beauty, handbags... just a little bit of everything.  

Unfortunately, this is not working well.  It seems that few people are interested in seeing a variety of videos like this.  So I finally gave in, and from now on I will have a beauty channel The Sassi Wench which will include videos on topics like makeup, handbags and hauls.  To get an idea of these kinds of videos, click on the video below:

My new channel, however, will include videos on travel, day in the life vlogs, decorating, shopping, food and restaurants, doll collecting, animals, and anything else I feel like doing!  You can check it out here:

From Sassi Who Lived It

I hope you enjoy it!

- The Sassi Wench