Wednesday, May 16, 2012

❧❦ MyGlam Bag May 2012 - Philosophy ❦❧

MyGlam Bag May 2012
Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick
Miss Beauty - Nail Bling
Philosophy Love Sweet Love
MyGlam Concealer Brush and Defining Eyeliner Brush
MyGlam has got to be one of the worst sample subscription programs out there right now.  Because of my experiences with other subscription services, I know that things can change and that every company has growing pains, so I will continue with it - for now.  But so far, it's been an appalling mix of cheap makeup brushes and cheap makeup bags, minimum purchase coupons in lieu of product,  and products you can find at Walmart.  There have been very few decent samples, even less high end cosmetics.  I've given away most of the products I have received.  

MyGlam does require you to fill out some kind of beauty info page when you sign up, but apparently this is all about demographics.  So they don't care to categorize groups of people by skin tone or hair color and send them appropriate products.  It is clear from all the feedback I have received on my MyGlam videos that random colors are distributed and some people get colors that do not compliment them.

Not to mention the continuing debacle with shipping problems (many of their subscribers received multiple bags, meaning that others received nothing because they were shipped to the wrong address!), people being charged for bags that they never received and having issues obtaining refunds, bad customer service and having to update your credit card information because after a few months MyGlam decided to change their credit card processing service.

I did experience issues when I paid for but did not receive my first MyGlam bag, but after a few emails to MyGlam I was refunded.

And this month is no exception.  I got "Nail Bling" that is appropriate for a 14 year old, but a sophisticated deep red lipstick by Studio Gear called "Autumn Red" - and guess what?  It's SPRING!  The color is lovely but it would look garish if I wore this right now.  It's a color I'll keep until October.  

This kind of thing does not benefit the company being featured - in this case, Studio Gear - because if I don't use the product now, like it and decide to buy more products in the near future, I doubt I'll get around to it in October.

If you are still on the fence, hold off on this one.  For the same amount of money, Birchbox is infinitely better.  More expensive sample boxes are now here - hello GlossyBox!  And then there is always New Beauty's TestTube.

I'll continue to feature MyGlam for a few months, but at the rate they are going, the whole company appears to be a sloppy amateur afterthought and this shows no signs of abating.

- The Sassi Wench