Monday, October 10, 2011

Eco Emi Box September - Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

Eco Emi September 2011
I usually do a video with an accompanying blog post about each Eco Emi box, Birchbox, or TestTube that I receive.  In August I uploaded my Eco Emi video on YouTube but the video was flickering badly and I had to take it down.  Then in September on the day my Eco Emi box arrived I had a dental emergency and so I never got around to filming the video.  I decided to post the September 2011 Eco Emi box anyway, because it's a good reference for me for future blog posts/videos.  And I enjoyed taking photos of this month's box because the colors are so pretty!
Inside Eco Emi September 2011
The September 2011 Eco Emi Box
Minteas Tea Mints
Aura Cacia Milk and Oat Bath
Bubble and Bee Lip Balm 
Juice Beauty Reflecting Lip Gloss

Eden Organic Vegetable Pasta Shells 

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Eyeshadow Sandalwood
Lauren Brookes Cosmetiques Enchant Perfume
Mighty Leaf Tea Co. Organic Tea

Honey Pax 100% Pure Raw Honey

If you are interested, visit the Eco-Emi website.  You can sign up for the EE Box for $15 including shipping.  Their website also allows you to purchase full size versions of the samples.  

They feature a blog, recipes, and advice on what man is really doing to the environment and to animals.   We can all be better informed and not support companies that add harmful chemicals to products we use, or abuse animals for the sake of cosmetics and household products.

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