Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rebecca Minkoff Review and Unboxing Prada

Rebecca Minkoff Erin and Un Deux Trois Pouch
I have been interested in Rebecca Minkoff for a long time, ever since I saw her studded Double Rocker crossbody bags.  It was time for a new large makeup bag, because I found that my Coach makeup bag, which is a similar style, is having an issue with the fabric wearing down from constant use after almost two years.  I mostly keep large items in here - like nail polish, and nail care tools, and large palettes, a comb or a small hair brush.  Enter, the Rebecca Minkoff Studded Erin! It was love at first sight, for sure.
Rebecca Minkoff Studded Erin
It has a roomy interior - perfect for toting around larger makeup items.

The zipper is metal YKK - one of the best!
The interior of both accessories has Rebecca Minkoff printed inside
Rebecca Minkoff Un, Deux, Trois Pouch
Rebecca Minkoff pouches are EVERYWHERE.  They are affordable at around $55, and they have a multitude of uses - store makeup, accessories, keys or money inside.  The leather is soft, the zipper is YKK, and the whole effect is stunning.  These pouches are available in different colors with different wording - like "Allowance" "Trustfund""Gas Money"
Rebecca Minkoff care tag
Prada uses a lot of packaging!
This was my first time ordering from the Prada website.

The most shocking aspect of receiving this item by mail, is that Prada feels it is necessary to use excessive packaging!  Watch my video (above) to see how absurd it is!
Prada Tissue Holder
I originally saw a Prada tissue holder years ago - and I thought it was fake!  As it turns out, the Prada Tissue Holder is very real.  Prada understands that women like to be super-organized.  Since then I have tried to order one on two separate occasions, only to be sent the dreaded email that my order was canceled due to the item being sold out!  But the third time's a charm!

And here it is!  No more ugly plastic baggies with the nasty sticky tab sticking to everything I put in my purse.  Now I am organized, and I'll be able to find my tissues with ease because of the bright color.
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