Monday, November 29, 2010

My Visit to a Chocolate Factory - David Bradley Chocolatier

This weekend, after a lovely Thanksgiving, we were driving through New Jersey to do some shopping and we passed some signs on the side of the road that said "Chocolate - Free Samples".

The Outlet is decked out for the Holidays.
Being a lover of all things chocolate, I couldn't resist and we followed the signs.  Shortly thereafter, we arrived at a warehousing complex, and once we had driven all the way around to the back, we finally found what turned about to be the chocolate factory for David Bradley Chocolatier.

David Bradley Chocolatier Factory Outlet in New Jersey. 
I really wasn't expecting much, but what a surprise when we entered the shop!
David Bradley was decked out for the Holidays!
Purple is the signature color of David Bradley Chocolatier.
Chocolate Gift Baskets
We encountered row upon row of chocolate boxes.

This is a massive 10 pound slab of chocolate!
A chocolate CD!
Chocolate Golf Balls.

Chocolate pretzels, chocolate potato chips!  
Chocolate Ballet Slippers.

The Factory Outlet is neat, organized, and immaculate.
Behind closed doors... chocolate was melting before our eyes!
Upon entering, we were offered some samples - I picked a milk chocolate covered fresh strawberry, which was absolutely delicious!  I love Godiva chocolate covered strawberries, but the David Bradley one was even better!  David Bradley chocolate is smooth on the tongue, and because they don't use any wax in their chocolate, it dissolves to a delicate, velvety texture in your mouth.

Although Lindt chocolate has a different flavor, David Bradley chocolate is in that category, and it leaves you with very much the same kind of smooth chocolatey experience - delicious!

I promptly purchased some milk chocolate almond bark, milk chocolate orange peel and some milk and dark chocolate pralines, and my family loved it all!  I really feel like I have discovered a true gem!

We were very surprised at how many people were in the store during our time there - it's as if David Bradley is New Jersey's best kept secret that everyone knew about except me!  Apparently, it is a family run business which began 30 years ago, and now David Bradley sells to over 500 stores throughout the United States.  The staff are very friendly and helpful, and they said that they can make up pretty much any type of gift basket or box to suit any occasion - from family related holiday gifts to business gifts (check out my pic. of their chocolate golf balls!).  They ship all over the United States.

Check them out online at, or call them at 1-877-BUY-SWEETS

- The Sassi Wench

Note: I am not affiliated with David Bradley Chocolatier in any way, I paid for all the chocolate myself and all opinions are my own.