Friday, November 11, 2011

The Paul & Joe Brush Holder

The Paul & Joe Brush Holder Box
The Paul & Joe brush holder comes beautifully packaged!

Although this Paul & Joe makeup brush holder has been available for years, I only recently decided to purchase it.  

It is well made, compact, and easy to keep clean.  I have other brush holders, but I find that this particular one is perfect to place used makeup brushes in, or any brushes that need to be cleaned.  Once I have washed my makeup brushes, I use Brush Guards and place the washed makeup brushes inside one section of this brush holder where they can dry.  

The Paul & Joe brush holder has a pleated fan shape pattern.

The brush holder is patterned in a pleated fan shape, with raised chrysanthemums for a Paul & Joe signature look.

My Rock & Republic makeup brushes in the Paul & Joe Brush Holder
It's also practical to use for makeup pencils, and I store my pencils in one half of the brush holder.

The divider inside the Paul & Joe brush holder cannot be removed, it's built-in.
There is a divider inside which separates the brush holder into two compartments.  It is a permanent divider though, and it cannot be removed.
Paul & Joe makeup holder divider
The brush holder definitely looks like it belongs on a makeup vanity from a by-gone era - a little art deco, a little glamorous.  The only drawback about this brush holder is that it is small.  Measuring 4' at the base, 5 1/2" across and 3 1/2' high, it's not practical for someone with a large brush collection.  It would have been nice if this brush holder was available in a larger size.

Paul & Joe brush holder
Paul & Joe Brush Holder is available at the Dermstore for $23.

- The Sassi Wench


Anonymous said...

I love this! So classy and would look lovely on a vanity. Something else to spend my pennies on!

MsSagittarius61 said...

A review of the Paul and Joe Brush Holder on Dermstore's website read as follows:

It looks really nice in the picture, but the real thing looks kind of cheap. I wouldn't pay more than $5 to buy this holder.

I was thinking of purchasing for a gift, please let me know what you thought after receiving it.

Thank you..