Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lancome Magnifique Eau de Toilette

Lancome Magnifique
As Summer is vanquished by Fall, I find myself drawn more to the woodsy, spicy scents on my vanity table.  Light fruity, sugary scents are my preference in Spring and Summer, but for the chilly days ahead I love indulging in heavier fragrances that would be too cloying and overbearing in warmer months.

Lancome Magnifique
I'm always looking to add to my fragrance/perfume collection, but I'm very selective when choosing them. 
Lancome Magnifique
A while ago I was at a mall and I discovered Magnifique by Lancome.  I find that Lancome tends to produce heavy, spicy, often sickly sweet strong scents (can you say "Miracle?") and I suppose Magnifique is no exception.  This is why I chose the Eau de Toilette instead of the actual perfume.
Lancome Magnifique
This lighter version is a floral infused with something elusive that is apparently Nagarmotâ Wood (whatever that is), saffron, amber and roses.  At the heart of it, it is a very warm, spicy, sophisticated scent.  I noticed that it lasts a very long time, but that's not too surprising considering the fact that this is a rather complex scent.
 Lancome Magnifique
In addition to the perfume and Eau de Toilette, Magnifique is available as a body lotion and a shower gel.

The Eau de Toilette comes in two sizes:

1 oz. is $39.50
1.7 oz. is $49.50

You can purchase Magnifique directly  from Lancome, or check on availability at a department store near you.

- The Sassi Wench