Sunday, May 8, 2011

Makeup and Accessory Organization Tips

I love being organized (although I do have moments of disarray and a bad habit of losing things anyway), and I am particularly interested in clear, sparkly, easy to clean makeup and accessory storage.
Clear glass, crystal and acrylic makeup storage.
For me, storage containers need to be functional and clear, so that I can find everything.  I do have some  solid black containers but I chose those for a specific purpose and I'll post more on those at a later date.

The tray is called Retangular Vanity Tray and it can be personalized with your initials... mine are KFJ, and they have several fonts to choose from.  These trays are multi-purpose and can make great gifts.  Purchase them from Kate Carlyle, a Gift Boutique.
A cake plate for perfume is heavy, scratch resistant and durable.
They also need to be durable and easy to keep clean.  Makeup is a messy business, and it drives me crazy to see people who store away palettes with powdery fingerprints all over them!
Acrylic bangle storage, sunglasses storage and eyeshadow pad storage.
I went on the hunt on the Internet, in stores, and on Ebay and I found everything that I wanted.
Acrylic cube jewelry storage can be used for makeup or jewelry.
Some of the storage has a dual purpose, like a stackable jewelry drawer that can be used for jewelry or makeup.
These acrylic makeup storage containers are stackable.
 The fact that you can stack these drawers, and that they come in different configurations makes these drawers a versatile option!  I have already done a post on the drawers, and you can read about them here.
A crystal perfume tray. Everything has its place and there is a place for everything.
With everything laid out on or in clear storage, it's easy to get ready in the morning.  I have more perfume than what I have shown here, but I know that all the perfume is in one place and selecting a fragrance in the morning is easy.

The ring holder is the Lenox Crystal Heiress Ring Holder.
The Kate Spade Larabee Dot cake plate used as a fragrance tray.
Look around for objects that you wouldn't normally consider using for makeup, like a cake plate.  There are so many pretty ones out there, that you can find one to suit your decor and taste.
An acrylic tray is good to use for face creams and nail polishes.
An engraved tray makes for even better organization of bottles containing creams, or containers with powder - anything that could be messy can be wiped clean with minimum effort.

Kate Spade Larabee dot Crystal Box to hold jewelry.
A clear jewelry box with a heavy lid is good for storage, and keeps dust off valuable items.  A bonus for me, is that my kitty cats can't paw off the lid and help themselves to my jewelry (which has happened before, when I found a necklace and earrings lying downstairs had been skillfully removed by my all to clever and inventive kitties!)
Caboodles Makeup brush storage.  This is similar to the Beauty Buffet Tray.
Caboodles containers.  (L) My Essentials Box.
Caboodles is marketed to teenagers, but in fact they offer really good and practical storage solutions, so be sure to check out their site here.
Acrylic sunglasses storage from Ebay.
 Ebay has a treasure trove of acrylic storage goodies.  Search for "acrylic storage" "sunglasses storage" "acrylic makeup storage" or "acrylic jewelry storage".
Acrylic cotton pad storage is from The Christmas Tree Shops.
You can find makeup remover cotton pad storage everywhere.  I got mine from The Christmas Tree Shops.
Cotton Makeup Pad storage.
Acrylic bangle and bracelet holder from Ebay.
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Until next time, 
The Sassi Wench!


joaniebaby said...

Hi Sassi. This is awesome. I need every organizer piece you have here! My makeup and accessories are in need of a major organization haul. Thanks for the ideas, I love clear containers!
-Joanna :)

PrettyPRChick said...

Thanks for the tips! I love these! :)

Pappetee said...

Hi Sassi, thanks a lot for sharing this post! I love having a clean and organize vanity. I recently moved and I find myself not having much MU space right now. But with the clear containers you featured, it provides enough room for my cosmetics to be neatly and conveniently stacked. :-)

Adams Young said...

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