Saturday, September 17, 2011

Paul & Joe Butterfly Tin Love

The Paul & Joe Nail and Hand Care Kit
I had my eye on the Paul & Joe Beaute Nail and Hand Care Kit for the longest time.  I even had the opportunity to purchase one on sale, and I passed it over, thinking that it was cute, but not for me.

And then the inevitable happened - it becomes discontinued, and it sells out.  Everywhere.

And then of course it's the one thing that I really want!  I went crazy trying to find this set in the USA, but it seems that it is truly sold out.  Fortunately for me, I happened to find one in the UK.  After paying a fortune for air freight, it was finally delivered to my door this week!
Paul & Joe Hand Cream
The Hand Cream (1.4 fl oz), Nail Protect Coat to strengthen nails (.33 fl oz), and hand treatment gloves come packaged in the most adorable butterfly print tin.
Paul & Joe Hand Cream and Nail Protect Coat
The vintage inspired tin is perfect to store makeup, and the gloves and cream are perfect to moisturize tired hands.
Paul & Joe Treatment Gloves
Paul & Joe Butterfly Tin Kit
What a shame that they no longer produce this.  It would make the most perfect gift.  I absolutely love it, and the tin is going to look so pretty on my vanity!

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- The Sassi Wench