Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Urban Decay 15th Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection

Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Palette Tray and Packaging
I know that there are about a thousand reviews on this Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette out there, but I can't resist gushing about it myself!

It seems that just about everyone has snapped up one of these - and if you haven't, you should seriously consider getting one.

Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Palette Lid
First up, the packing.  Purple, metallic and mirrored, it compliments my vanity table perfectly, since I have touches of purple in my bedroom.

The box is so pretty - although the lid is prone to fingerprint smudges.
Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Palette Packaging
The lid (seen here placed inside the tray) includes a mirror.
Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Palette Mirror
Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection Packaging
Because of the range of colors it is easy to create virtually any look, and transform yourself from a neutral-eyed demure damsel during the day into a sexy, smokey-eyed vixen in the evening! And what a stunning selection of brown shadows!
Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Eyeshadows
This collection of full size shadows is simply stunning!  The colors are richly pigmented, soft, they blend easily and the formula allows for a smooth application.  My favorites are Vanilla (perfect for the brow bone), Midnight, Omen and Evidence.  And they stay on!
Urban Decay 15 Anniversary closeup 
The only con about this palette is that, due to its rather large size and loose lid design, it would make it rather awkward for traveling.  So unfortunately, I'll have to leave his one behind when I travel.
Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection
As an added bonus, the tray that the collection comes in can be used for other things...
Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Eyeshadow Velvet Tray
I'll use it on my vanity as either a jewelry tray, for for lipsticks or nail polishes.

I think that this is just about one of the best eyeshadow collections out there.

- The Sassi Wench

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