Sunday, August 22, 2010

Step by Step Diaper Cake Tutorial, Animal Theme for Boys & Girls

To see me make this Diaper Cake, step by step, click here:

The Finished Diaper Cake/Nappy Cake.
All of the ingredients for the Diaper Cake.
Roll each diaper securely and bind with rubber bands.

Fit the diapers snugly together to form a base, then repeat the process for the next two tiers.
Bind each tier with string, then fold receiving blankets and wrap them around the diapers.
Secure the blankets with diaper pins.
Use a dowel to stabilize the tiers, and tie colorful ribbon around each blanket.
By now the diaper cake should be quite sturdy.
Decorate with colorful and useful baby items and toys.
Tuck and hang objects around the cake.
Different color ribbons make the cake look more interesting.
Color co-ordinate the baby shower.  These are inexpensive items I bought at the dollar store (with the exception of the big bows, which were a gift.)
Cute details make all the difference and make the shower seem more personal.
Add food, and enjoy!
Step by step instructions to make a fun, personalized gift for a mom-to-be.

An animal theme diaper cake (nappy cake) is perfect for both boys and girls!

What you will need:
About 53 diapers
31 diapers for the first tier, 15 for the second tier, and 7 for the top tier.
Receiving blankets
Baby Washcloths
Baby socks
Teething rings
Travel size baby items like baby powder, shampoo, baby oil etc.
Baby-safe diapers pins
A wooden dowel
Bow wire
Assorted Ribbons
Cardboard Cake Circle
"Cake" Topper, such as an animal head blanket

The diaper cake takes about 2 hours to make, and it cost $100.


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