Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Gorgeous Coach Purses!

Coach XL Maggie - Black
Coach XL Maggie.
Classic Coach Tags - including the Stagecoach! 
The Coach Creed and Purple interior.
Coach Ali Leather Hobo - Bordeaux

Coach Ali Tags.
This Coach Ali has a Coach logo embossed on the sides.
Coach Ali Creed.
Coach Convertible Zoe - Graphite/Gun Metal
Coach Zoe.
Coach Convertible Zoe Tags.
Coach Zoe interior.
Coach Kristin Op Art Sateen Hobo - Turquoise

Coach Kristen Hobo.
Coach Kristen Tags.
Coach Kristen Creed and interior.
Coach White Lurex Wristlet

Coach Lurex Wristlet.

Coach Lurex Wristlet interior.
I found 4 really beautiful Coach purses at various Coach Outlets - a really nice haul. If you can get to a Coach Outlet you'll be amazed at what you'll find! I added these to my Coach purse collection.

Check them out:

Maggie XL - Black
Convertible Zoe - Graphite/Gun Metal
Kristin Op Art Sateen Hobo - Turquoise 
Ali Leather Hobo - Bordeaux 
White Lurex Wristlet


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