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Starlooks Starbox Beauty Review

A few months ago I was contacted by a company called Starlooks who offered to send me a few of their new beauty program boxes called Starbox for a potential review.  Starbox is available for $15 (including shipping).  Each box contains 3 - 4 full size makeup/beauty products.

The first box I received was the May 2012 Starbox, which contained three lip glosses.  I thought that this was strange of them to send 3 of the same items.  What if someone doesn't wear lipgloss?  I'm not that into lip gloss in general.  I use it mostly in the evenings or on weekends.  But apparently they had a theme going that month and they don't usually send out multiples of the same product in one box unless there is a special theme going on.
Starlooks Starbox May 2012
Starlooks Starbox lipglosses
Starlooks Starbox lip glosses
They are undoubtedly beautiful lipglosses that gleam in the sun.
Starlooks Lip Gloss L-R Modest, Pink Diva, Cupid's Charm
Starlooks Lip Gloss L-R Modest, Pink Diva, Cupid's Charm
Starlooks Lip Gloss Swatches
I found the formula to be just right - not too sticky, yet tacky enough.  These glosses smell pleasant (unlike some of the much more famous brands!), and they last as long as, well, a lipgloss can last.  I gave two tubes of Cupid's Charm and Pink Diva to my sister, and I kept Modest for myself.  She is a lipgloss aficionado who has sampled countless brands, yet she loved these glosses.  I wore Modest in several of my videos on YouTube because it's so pretty.
Starlooks Starbox June 2012
June's Starbox included a fabulous mix of products - and eyeliner, eye pencil, eye shadow and a makeup brush. 
Starlooks Eyeshadow in Caricature
Starlooks Eyeshadow in Caricature

Starlooks includes an applicator...
and a mirror!

L - Starlooks Caricature - R - MAC Vex
The first thing I noticed about the eyeshadow Caricature was that it was very familiar.  Then I realized that it reminded me of Vex by MAC.  I pulled Vex out of my MAC palette, and there it was...

I contacted Starlooks about the similarities and they did confirm that they have some colors that are similar to MAC's eyeshadows, in addition to their own colors.  The difference is that Vex is slightly more shimmery than Caricature.  The quality of Caricature is very comparable to Vex.  Not to mention Caricature is only $11 if purchased separately, versus $15 for Vex.
L - Starlooks Caricature Swatch, R MAC Vex Swatch

813 Small Precision

The box included their 813 Small Precision brush which is great for blending color in your crease.  This brush alone retails for $15 on the Starlooks website.

813 Small Precision tip

Starlooks Precision Eye Definer Pen in Black
Starlooks Precision Eye Definer Pen in Black tip
I've worn this eyeliner constantly since I first got it, but the real test was when I wore it to New York City on a terribly hot and humid day.  But the liner stayed on all day.  It also has a very pointy tip for a perfectly cat eye flick.
Diamond Line Eye Pencil in Myth
Diamond Line Eye Pencil in Myth
The eye pencil is stunning.  It has a softer formula - not at all dry, and it has a fabulous shimmery sheen that is subtle enough to wear even in my conservative office.  

Overall, I was definitely impressed by Starlooks products.  They have worked with a chemist who used to work for MAC years ago, and they believe that they have improved upon some of MAC's formulas.  That's why they compare themselves to MAC in terms of quality.  These products are undoubtedly good quality, and if you are bored with the teeny samples and unsatisfactory products you get in beauty sample boxes, this is definitely a brand to consider.

The Starlooks Starbox is most probably most comparable to Allure Magazine's Sample Society Box in terms of the quality of products and the price.

****NOTE: Boxes from past months may still be available.  Visit their website here for more information.

From the Starlooks website:
Starlooks Starbox

Subscribe to your monthly Starbox! Includes 3-4 FULL SIZE makeup/beauty products by Starlooks, delivered to your door for $15/month!

OR gift someone their Starbox each month without stepping into a post office.  Sign up your lucky gift-ee and they will begin to receive their gorgeous Starbox filled with FULL SIZE, high-end Starlooks products. 

Your and/or your gift-ee will receive your first box the month AFTER you subscribe.  Starboxes usually ship and arrive within the 3rd week of every month.
** Please note: INTERNATIONAL ORDERS MUST BE HANDLED PERSONALLY BY A STARLOOKS REPRESENTATIVE. If you would like to subscribe from a country outside of the US, please contact us via email or phone.

This box was sent to me free of charge for to consider for a review.  This is not a sponsored video or post, and all opinions expressed are solely my own honest opinions of my personal experience with the products.

- Take care,
The Sassi Wench

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