Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Pretty up your vanity with a clear makeup cube!

I always wanted a Clear Cube makeup holder a'la the Kardashians, but I always thought that for what it is - acrylic squares - it is far too expensive. The original Clear Cube is now $300, and that doesn't include dividers and a handle on the lid!

I purchased some alternative acrylic cubes which you can view here, but that was over a year ago and my makeup collection has increased somewhat since then (shocker!).  

After prowling around on the Internet, I found the perfect alternative for me on Ebay.  Within a week, a large box was delivered to my door with a well wrapped makeup cube inside.  

And I couldn't be more thrilled.  It's a great and compact way to store makeup, have it easily accessible, and more importantly, visible.  I find that it is often out of sight, out of mind with me and if I'm in a rush I will forget what I have and just grab whatever is closest and I'll completely forget about the rest. And I'm in a rush more often than not.

I found that this cube is a great way to store pigments and odd shaped things like double ended makeup brushes - which are practical to use but a nightmare to wash and store.

Just a note - nail polishes like OPI, China Glaze and some Essie polishes will not be able to stand upright in the drawers.

This particular cube retails for $139.99, and shipping is $20. Less than half the price of the original Clear Cube!

The dividers are removable, and this clear makeup cube comes in different sizes and configurations.  To find out more, click Ebay Clear Acrylic Makeup Cube.
A Clear Cube Alternative

The life section with a cross divider
Clear Acrylic Makeup Cube Measurements
Clear Acrylic Makeup Cube Measurements
My new acrylic clear cube makeup holder
Clear Makeup Cube Storage
Clear makeup cube with the divider

Until next time!
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