Friday, March 9, 2012

❧❦ My Chanel Nail Polish Collection ❦❧

My Chanel Nail Polish Collection

Chanel Nail Polishes
Chanel Nail Polish Swatches
Note about the swatches - Pirate is more red than it appears here - it is notoriously difficult to photograph.
Chanel Peridot
I began collecting Chanel Nail Polishes in 2010, and my collection has grown a little since then. Because these polishes are so expensive, I pick and choose very cautiously and carefully.

As with many brands, some colors apply easily, and others may streak, require more coats, and ultimately not last as long.  

The one thing that Chanel has done really well (aside from creating the timeless packaging), is design a fabulous application brush. I have sampled many brands over the years but I find that the brushes Chanel uses enable me to apply color very accurately every time, with only minimal clean up.

I find that there are standouts in most brands, and Chanel is no exception. Chanel's Particulière lasts longer on my nails than any of the other colors here, and that is the color I have used the most out of all of these colors.

The other stunner, is undoubtedly Peridot - the "It" color of 2011.  When I first saw it I was mesmerized by the color - green, gold and blue all at once.  Absolutely stunning.

Check out the latest nail colors from Chanel here.

- The Sassi Wench

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