Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chanel Holiday 2011 Makeup Brush Set Les Minis de Chanel

Chanel Makeup Brush Gift Set

Chanel Makeup Brushes: COLLECTION OF 6 ESSENTIAL MINI BRUSHES Limited Edition

What Chanel says about this set:

This set of six essential mini brushes for a complete makeup look includes: smudge brush, angled lip brush, angled eyeshadow brush, lash/eyebrow brush, foundation/concealer brush and angled powder brush. Encased in a spacious signature cosmetics bag, adorned with the Chanel logo in festive red.

Chanel Signature Cosmetic Bag
The Chanel intertwined "C's" in bold red are simply stunning!
The makeup bag has the Chanel logo in red
Les Minis de Chanel holiday brush set

The one thing that I do no like in this set is the spoolie brush.  It's flimsy and unnecessary.  I would have preferred another brush.

Chanel Angled Powder Brush, Foundation and Concealer Brush, Lash and Eyebrow Brush
Chanel Angled Eyeshadow Brush, Smudge Brush and Angled Lip Brush
The makeup bag is nice really nice - very practical with a zipper pocket with room enough to store a Chanel eyeshadow quad palette and some other makeup items.
Chanel mini brushes inside a signature Chanel makeup bag

I compared the mini foundation brush with the new Chanel Foundation Brush #6 to give some perspective. 

Chanel Foundation Brush #6 versus the Les Minis foundation brush.
The Chanel logo in red on the brush handles
Because I travel so much, hauling around my favorite makeup brushes has always been a source of stress for me.  I worry about scratching the handles or losing some (or all) of them.  I've known for quite some time that I need to find a compact and efficient travel makeup brush set.

I bought two MAC LE Nordstrom brush sets a few years ago, but the quality of some of those brushes is so bad that they are my least favorite.  In fact, I haven't used them in years.  It was a complete waste of money.  The blush brush in one of these sets has some some thick, scratchy and hard synthetic fibers that I simply cannot use on my face.  

It didn't help that I've been lusting after the 2009 Chanel holiday brush set for years.  But alas, that set is long gone and of course today is nowhere to be found.  When the 2010 holiday season rolled around, I didn't care for the 2010 Chanel brush set.  But when I saw the 2011 set online, I knew that this was the travel brush set that I had been waiting for!

Upon arrival, my first impression was the red Chanel logo is stunning! The second - these brushes are tiny!  While they fit in my medium size hands comfortably, I think that it might be a bit awkward for women with larger hands to deal with some of the smaller brushes in this set.

I haven't had the opportunity to really use these brushes, because I just got the set this week.  Once I use them I'll post a review on each brush.

I ordered this set online from the Chanel website for $125.

- The Sassi Wench


TanishaLynne said...

These are really nice brushes.

The Sassi Wench said...

Hi Tanisha!

Yes, they are great! Good quality and functional.

Julie K said...

Can the smug brush be used as an eyebrow/liner brush? That's really the only thing I feel like this set is missing.