Monday, October 3, 2011

My First MAC Palette

Actually, this is not the first MAC palette I have ever owned.  It is the first MAC palette that I have assembled.  The first palette was pre-filled and I purchased it around 2002.    It was about the same size as this palette, but it had around 4 or 6 eyeshadows (I wish I could remember what they were!), and maybe 2 blushes.  I threw it out a few years ago, but I wish I hadn't - for some reason I didn't realize that I could refill the palette!  And how I wish MAC made a palette like that today!

Regardless, I finished assembling all of the colors for this palette a while back, and I had intended to do a blog post about it but for some reason I never got around to it.
My First MAC Palette
For the longest time I just purchased MAC eyeshadows in their infamous black plastic pots, but then I realized that there were so many eyeshadows that I wanted that it was better to just purchase a palette - not only was it a space saver, it was also cheaper.
MAC Brule, Filament, Jest, Pink Venus, Electra, Shroom, Retrospeck, Woodwinked, Swish, Shale, Phloof!, Vex, Wedge, Expensive Pink and Blackberry 
What's Inside my MAC palette?

Top Row: 

Brulé - Satin
Soft creamy-beige

Filament - Lustre
Platinum silver

Jest - Frost
Soft peach with icy shimmer

Pink Venus - Lustre
Washed pink

Electra - Frost
Silver with icy shimmer

Middle Row:

Shroom - Satin
Soft beige with shimmer

Retrospeck - Lustre
Beached blonde

Woodwinked - Veluxe Pearl
Warm antique gold

Swish - Frost
Bright pink with icy shimmer

Shale - Satin
Mauve-plum with subtle shimmer

Bottom Row:

Phloof! - Frost
Frosted off-white

Vex - Frost
Beige with pink/green pearl

Wedge - Matte
Soft muted beige taupe

Expensive Pink - Veluxe Pearl
Pink with duo chrome

Blackberry - Matte
Muted burgundy-plum brown
My MAC Palette
I'm definitely a fan of neutral colors - I find that they complement my eyes, which are dark brown.  As for the finish, I'm probably more partial to a satin, but I really love them all.
MAC Eyeshadows
Because I travel so much, I enjoy taking this palette with me.  The convenience of having my personal eyeshadow selection on hand is immensely satisfying. 
MAC Eyeshadow Palette
As for a favorite eyeshadow?  It's very difficult to say, since I really do love them all, but if I had to pick it would probably be Vex and Retrospeck.

- The Sassi Wench


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Wish we got that palette here in SA :-(

The Sassi Wench said...

@Anon I can just imagine! You would have a great time here - I live near a MAC outlet - so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I see a lot of overlapping of my first and most used MAC palette shadows! I love all these colours!

Hannah Tough said...

thanks for the video! definitely helped me to assemble my quad!xx