Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What's in my Coach Swingpack?

Coach Madison Swingpack

Rebecca Un Deux Trois Pouch

When I travel, I usually always take a swingpack with me.  During my vacation to Canada, my Coach Madison swingpack was invaluable.  

I found myself getting splashed with water on a boat (the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls), traipsing around Par de la Chute-Montmorency, and braving the concrete jungles of Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City - and using this on days when I needed something a little more compact and effortless and easy to carry than my purse.

Worn as a crossbody bag, the long straps drape over the body well, allowing for comfort, and for most of the time I forgot that I was even wearing a swingpack!  It's a great crossbody bag, that just happens to be the right size to suit all of my needs.  I can even fit a water bottle in here - and that's a big deal for me!  

This is the same swingpack I took with me to Egypt - so it's been around.  But because of the great quality, it's in really good condition, with just a minor scuff or two on the leather Coach label.  The fabric is treated, so if you do happen to splash some water on it (shudder!), it can be wiped away easily, with no watermark left behind.

Check them out at www.coach.com

What's in my Coach Swingpack?
- iPhone
- Red Gustto key chain pouch
- Coach Card Case for cash, cards and receipts
- Coach Passport Holder
- Rebecca Minkoff Un Deux Trois Pouch containing ear plugs, gum, paper soap, mints and earphones.
- Sniff Mini Tissues
- Hair clip
- Clean Antibacterial Hand Cream
- The Body Shop Lipstick

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Lara Faye said...

i love your coach bag! :)

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