Saturday, November 27, 2010

Afternoon Tea at Sofitel Old Winter Palace, Luxor, Egypt

My mother and I recently returned from Egypt, where we had the most incredible holiday experience.

To see a video about my experience, click here:

We were fortunate enough to stay at the Sofitel Old Winter Palace in Luxor, which has housed many famous guests since it opened in 1886.  Prince Charles, Agatha Christie, the famous archeologist Howard Carter, who discovered the tomb of Tutankhmun in 1922, have all stayed in this hotel.
The afternoon tea included cake, fruit scones, custard, macaroons (which were incredibly delicious!), and assorted toasted sandwiches.

The Victorian Lounge
The hot tea was just perfect!  It was piping hot, and I had mine as I usually do, with milk. The sandwiches and cake were good - I have had better, but then I have had tea in several different countries, including The Ritz in London.  While the sandwiches at the Old Winter Palace certainly can't compare, the actual hot brewed tea most certainly can!

We loved the macaroons!

A part of the hotel is new, built in the 1990's and the other part was built in 1886. The Victorian Lounge is in the old building of the hotel.  Upon entering, you feel like you are in another time and place.  We felt like we were in the board game, Clue (or Cluedo, as it is known in some countries).  I expected Colonel Mustard to meet me in the Billiard Room, which is just down the hall from the Victorian Lounge! 
The Victorian Lounge had great ambiance.

An Oasis in the Desert.

I was captivated by this painting.

The staff in this hotel are very friendly and provide exceptional service.

Overall, I would highly recommend this incredible and literal oasis in the desert - The Sofitel Old Winter Palace Hotel, and along with that recommendation, afternoon tea there is a must.  It harkens back to another era, and it's a welcome reprieve from the incessant heat of the desert.

- The Sassi Wench


Redford said...

That's an amazing looking afternoon tea. I'm headed to England for a white christmas this year and thanks to these afternoon tea deals I'm going to have tea in true english style.

The Sassi Wench said...

@Redford, that just sounds wonderful! Tea at The Ritz is definitely recommended, but book in advance. Enjoy! - Sassi.