Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Makeup and Decorating!

My Halloween Witch Makeup.
Scary Skeleton. Something hitched a ride with us!
Halloween Carved Pumpkins and Candy.
The Halloween Mummy.
Halloween Tombstones add a nice touch.
These Halloween tombstones are heavy!
I got this Halloween creature at Target.  He groans.
The Grim Reaper warns those who come near
Creepy Halloween Ghoul
A Halloween Cemetery Theme
Place pumpkins along the walkway.
Halloween - The Mummy
A look at quick and easy and inexpensive cemetery theme outdoor Halloween decorating.  Everything cost around $220, and aside from the Mummy which I got on sale for $60 at the annual Halloween store, everything was bought at Target and Party Fair..

All items shown here were bought by me for my personal use.

- The Sassi Wench

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Cristine Douglas said...

Nice post! I love your pictures and very nice witch makeup. I'd love to share and feature this in my halloween makeup ideas list if you won't mind. Cheers and happy halloween!